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RackTop's award winning Brickstor OS has gone live with its most revolutionary release yet! 

Key new features:

Multi-Level Data Encryption

Our encryption technology is more granular than ever! Datasets can now be individually encrypted (AES-256) using unique keys which are fully managed by our embedded key manager. This feature when combined with our existing FIPS 140-2 disk encryption enables two levels of distinct encryption, capable of being certified to protect highly classified data. Data protection has also been upgraded to support encrypted transfers to remote sites without having to expose the key, making it impossible for an adversary or insider to access encrypted data at the remote location.

User Behavior Auditing and Visualization

BrickStor’s patent pending User Behavior Auditing (UBA) and analysis capability is the perfect defense against cyber-attacks and insider threats. UBA collects a real-time stream of activity which combines identity and other distinguishing elements in order to create a fingerprint of how a user interacts with data. User behavior activity can be analyzed within the myRack Manager GUI or automatically forwarded to RFC 5424 compliant analysis software such as a SIEM or anomaly detection engine. The myRack Manager GUI provides a feature rich data visualization interface which displays top users, hot files, and activity outside of normal business hours enabling you to quickly spot anomalous behavior. It can also easily help determine who moved or deleted a file, a common problem for many IT organizations today.

Rapid Snapshot Indexing 

File metadata across all snapshots is now indexed, greatly enhancing the ability to find and restore data quickly. Easily search millions of files in seconds through myRack Manager and visualize what changes occurred over time so you can restore from exactly the point before ransomware hit. Our patent pending rapid indexing technology accomplishes this with little overhead, and is capable of indexing most new snapshots in just a few seconds regardless of how many millions of files are actually present.

Improved File Restoration

Restoring large files from a snapshot is now faster and more efficient with our redesigned file restoration service. Using myRack Manager you can easily restore anything from single files to entire directory trees back to a flexible number of destinations. The entire operation is managed asynchronously with progress reporting to enable multiple admins to observe the process over time.

Context Security Labels

We’ve updated our protocol stack to support NFS 4.2 context security labels, enabling mandatory access controls when BrickStor is used as shared storage with SE Linux clients. With SE Linux and context security labels, BrickStor is a high performance and scalable shared storage solution for multilevel security (MLS) implementations. MLS implementations allow a single storage solution to provide data across multiple domains at different classification levels. This is a critical capability in securing data while enabling cross-domain collaboration

Streamlined the GUI

We have begun to implement a streamlined and simplified GUI with an improved Tab view based on user feedback. We aren't finished yet and there are more exciting improvements coming in the next release.

In addition to these features, there have been many stability and performance improvements.

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