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Brickstor is no longer connected to the domain or is unable to rejoin the domain. Typcially this may happen after the system was joined to the domain and became unjoined after an upgrade or something happened to the domain controller.

User receives the following error when attempting to connect to the domain:

failed to join domain

using AD server:

Failed to modify the workstation trust account.

Please refer to the service log for more information.


  1. Run the following command to check if the system is connected to the domain:
    1. #smbadm list
      1. If it displays [WORKGROUP], then it is not connected
    2. Now run #adutil check <domain name>
      1. If you receive the following error:
        1. FAIL       domain                 Results: Local domain does not match target domainT
          1. Take note of the IP addresses associated with “adservers”
          2.  #vi /etc/resolv.conf
          3. (Please review instructions for navigating using the vi text editor. Other editing programs may be used, also.)
          4. Verify or correct the “domain” field to match your expected domain name
  2. Run this command to save settings: #bsradm dns save
  3. Note the systems hostname, #hostname
  4. On a Windows machine, open up the “Remote Desktop Connection” app
    1. Input the previously recorded IP address of the AD server
  5. Use the Server Manager app to navigate to the domain
    1. Action -> Find -> Find Computers (select from dropdown)
    2. Search for the Brickstor by hostname (use all caps)
    3. Right click on the hostname and select “delete”
    4. Exit Server Manager
  6. To add the Brickstor to the domain, use the following command:
    # smbadm join -y -u Administrator <domain name>
      1. Note: This will require domain admin privileges
      2. Note: If step smbadm join fails, ensure that all critical services such as NTP are online. You can check this via the GUI or #svcs. To restart a service, use #svcadm restart <service>. If a service is in maintenance mode, this can be cleared using #svcadm clear <service> then #svcadm enable <service>. 

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