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If you are unable to connect to BrickStor with the myRack manager User Interface


Need to verify there is connectivity to BrickStor and then see why the GUI is unable to connect.

  1. Ping the BrickStor management IP and verify you receive a response to the machine you are using to launch the myRack manager client. If you don't get a response troubleshoot networking between your machine and the BrickStor management IP.
  2. If you get a response verify you can ssh into the BrickStor. If you can't then use the Remote Management Module (RMM) to look at the console or go to the physical console of the BrickStor.
  3. If the system is powered on verify you can log in from the console.
    1. If the system is in a a hung state that you cannot log in you will need power cycle/reset the box. (If storage is still accessible then you may want to wait for a maintenance time before resetting the box.)
  4. Once you are logged in verify the ssh service is running and that you can access DNS by showing the DNS servers and then pinging them and doing an nslookup of a host.

    # svcs ssh
    STATE          STIME    FMRI
    online         May_03   svc:/network/ssh:default
    # bsradm dns show
    DOMAIN           SEARCH           NAMESERVER,
    # ping is alive
    # nslookup
    Non-authoritative answer:

    5. If ssh is disabled follow line 1. If ssh is in maintenance start at line 2.

    # svcadm enable ssh
    # svcadm clear ssh
    # svcadm enable ssh

    6. If SSH is working.

    # svcs bsrlicensed
    If it is in maintenance:
    # svcadm clear bsrlicensed
    Followed by
    # svcadm restart bsrlicensed
    # svcadm enable ssh


    7. If you are unable to ping DNS or resolve DNS you must troubleshoot DNS.

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