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Disable SMB signing on BrickStor OS.  You may also need to disable it on the client side as well.

Step-by-step guide


The change on the SAN is done via the command line, either ssh or directly via console. This change, once made, will not revert on reboot, it will be persistent.

To check if signing is already disabled run this command:

# sharectl get -p signing_enabled -p signing_required smb

If both of these values are not set to false: signing_enabled, and signing_required, change them to false with the following command:

# sharectl set -p signing_enabled=false -p signing_required=false smb

After a change is made, it is necessary to restart SMB server, which will result in active sessions being dropped. This is required for them to re-connect without signing enabled.

To restart SMB server run the following command:

# svcadm restart smb/server

For additional information about this article and signing in particular, please contact RackTop Systems Support.