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Step-by-step guide

Instructions for restoring a file from a snapshot using MyRack Manager


Version - BSROS - 19.01 19.0101.006R  MyRack Manager -


To restore files from a snapshot using the MyRack Manager application, choose the pool/dataset from the left hand explorer panel, keep in mind that snapshots must be enabled on this dataset for this to work.

Select the “Snapshots” link from the bottom left of the screen.

Choose the date range of the snapshots you would like to target.

In the left hand panel click the checkbox next to the snapshot containing the files you wish to restore as well as the “Files” check box to list contents.



Click the triangle next to the file you wish to restore to expand the view and click on the “Restore” button.


A popup box will come up in which you will by default be given the option to restore with a modified name which will put a copy in the same location with a modified name to ensure the original is now overwritten.

Or you may also choose to “Keep original name” and you’ll receive the warning that the file already exists which means you are about to overwrite it, check “Force” and “Restore” to complete if choosing this option.

Next browse to the share from your desktop and you’ll see the restored file