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If you need to find out the Current IP of the Remote Management (RMM) Port of your BrickStor so that you can manage the appliance out of band use one of the following methods.

From The myRack Manager (GUI)

Click on the BrickStor Appliance in the Left Navigation Pane


  1. Login to the appliance
  2. If the GUI is unable to connect but has connected to this BrickStor appliance in the past it will automatically give you the option in the failure message to Open RMM Console which will lauch an web browser with the proper IP.
  3. If you are connected to the appliance you can view the RMM by clicking the RMM console under the Hardware Section of the GUI

From the Command Line (CLI)

# bsradm hw rmm
IpSource: DHCP Address
MacAddress: 00:1e:67:a0:57:db
SnmpCommunityString: public
Vlan: 0

In this case the IP of the RMM is

From the BIOS

  1. See this article: