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Follow these instructions to configure the BrickStor's default gateway.

You can only have one gateway so it is important to understand if your admin network is isolated from your data network and if you are going to try and have routable network traffic on your data (storage network). Typically the gateway is used by the admin interface so that admins can connect to the administrative interface from any network while the data network is not routable and just a switched network dedicated to data with clients in that switched network. If DHCP is configured on admin0 interface this file won't be populated and will use the gateway provided to admin0 via DHCP.

  1. Set the permanent default router with:

    # vi /etc/defaultrouter

    Insert just the IP of the default gateway.

  2. Or use echo to write to the file

    Insert IP address to defaultrouter
    # echo "" > /etc/defaultrouter
  3. If possible reboot the system for the changes to take affect. If a reboot is not possible use the following command to set the default gateway immediately:

    1. This will not survive a reboot.

       # route –p add default x.x.x.x

To Confirm your gateway is set properly


# netstat -rn

In the example above the default gateway is indicated by the Default for the destination and G for the gateway flag.

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