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It has been observed, in certain cross-platform environments, where data may be shared between Apple, Unix and Windows systems. The error (SMB Error - No mapping between account names and security IDs was done) appears to be caused by inability to convert from UNIX identity to a Windows SID.

Typically, migrated data is the cause of this error, in particular when some data may be relatively old and those who have worked on it are no longer with the organization.

This issue is very likely to manifest in the instances where storage is joined to Active Directory and LDAP is configured to do lookups against AD. When data is created on the SAN, it is attributed, i.e. owned by the individual who created it, and if some files or directories were at one point created by a user whose account has since been removed, those files or directories will still be attributed to that user's ID, but that ID is no longer tied to a valid SID. Changing ACL on a directory which contains entries that are no longer valid will result in this error.

This issue does not have a simple straight-forward answer, and generally will require some manual efforts. It is necessary to identify data with invalid identifiers and either change the identifiers, i.e. remove invalid entries on select directories and files, or recursively apply correct ACL over entire hierarchies. The latter is much less precise and carries more significant risk, especially when custom permissions may be setup within this hierarchy.

At present it is best to reach out to support about this problem and let us help to figure out exactly where the problematic data are and help you with a remediation strategy.