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If you have data protection policies configured and snapshots are not being created as expected follow these steps.


First ensure the required services are running.

# svcs dataprotectiond
STATE          STIME    FMRI
online         Apr_03   svc:/racktop/dataprotectiond:default

If the service is disabled try enabling the service with 

# svcadm enable dataprotectiond

If the service is maintenance try clearing and restarting the service with 

# svcadm clear dataprotectiond
# svcadm restart dataprotectiond

Then verify the service is properly running. If you see an asterisk next to the service than it is in transition. If the asterisk persists it may not be completely or correctly started.


You may also review the log in the GUI under services on the main page dataprotectiond.log

Once the service is running you can verify the queues have been correctly created for dataprotection. You should see a queue listed for every dataset or volume that has dataprotection enabled and has a storage profile.  Note that it will take an hour until the queues are built after the dataprotectiond service has been started or the system has booted.

# fsadm dp queues
Queue vmware_filesystem:
Queue vmware_volume:
Queue custom_filesystem:
Queue general_filesystem:
Queue mongodb_volume:
Queue streaming_filesystem:
Queue general_volume:
Queue oracle_volume:


If no queues are created after an hour you should further debug this by enabling more verbose logging in the dataprotection log.conf file and add trace and debug to line 4 and then you must restart the service. 


Enabling More Verbose Logging
# vi /etc/racktop/dataprotectiond/log.conf
                <filter levels="trace,debug,warn,error,critical">
                <buffered size="10000" flushperiod="1000" formatid="main">
                    <rollingfile type="size"
                        maxrolls="5" />
                <filter levels="error,critical">
                        <conn formatid="syslog" net="udp" addr="localhost:514" />
                        <console formatid="color-console-error" />
                <filter levels="warn">
                        <conn formatid="syslog" net="udp" addr="localhost:514" />
                        <console formatid="color-console-warn" />
                <filter levels="info">
                        <console formatid="color-console-default" />
                <filter levels="trace,debug">
                        <console formatid="color-console-debug" />
        <format id="main" format="%Date/%Time [%Level] %Msg%n"/>
                <format id="syslog" format="%CustomSyslogHeader(20) %Msg%n"/>
                <format id="color-console-error" format="%Date/%Time [%EscM(31)%Level%EscM(0)] %Msg%n%EscM(0)"/>
                <format id="color-console-default" format="%Date/%Time [%EscM(32)%Level%EscM(0)] %Msg%n%EscM(0)"/>
                <format id="color-console-warn" format="%Date/%Time [%EscM(33)%Level%EscM(0)] %Msg%n%EscM(0)"/>
                <format id="color-console-debug" format="%Date/%Time [%EscM(36)%Level%EscM(0)] %Msg%n%EscM(0)"/>

# svcadm restart dataprotectiond

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