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  1. ZFSDR Peer Change Instructions (March, 2020)

    An issue with a provider required an infrastructure change. If you're using our ZFSDR service you'll need to add a new peer and enable replication to that peer. Replication will continue with the last snapshot sent, it will not start from the beginning. Stepbystep guide Open Myrack Manager Optionally use "bsradm peer a
    Knowledge BaseMar 17, 2020
  2. How to control system power using RMM

    : This article will specifically concentrates on how to issue power controls to the system: Start, Stop
    Knowledge BaseAug 10, 2016
  3. How To Create an NFS Share and Mount it in ESX

    If you are interested in creating a dataset to share via NFS and mount within VMware for an ESX host to use as storage for Virtual Machines watch this video. Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Relate
    Knowledge BaseMay 29, 2019
  4. How to enable User Behavior Auditing

    Under the "Misc" heading click the switch to enable User behavior to "On" Commit changes How to enable User Behavior Auditing myrackmgrM1vy6O5rGHsteps.png Once
    Knowledge BaseAug 08, 2019
  5. How To Set the Default Gateway

    Follow these instructions to configure the BrickStor's default gateway. You can only have one gateway so it is important to understand if your admin network is isolated from your data network and if you are going to try and have routable network traffic on your data (storage network). Typically the gateway is used by t
    Knowledge BaseJun 21, 2019
  6. How To Download Myrack Manager from a Brickstor

    Starting with Brickstor OS release 20 you can now download the matching version of Myrack Manager directly from the Brickstor. Version BSROS MyRack Manager 20 Stepbystep guide Open a web browser Enter the ip address of your Brickstor with OS version 20 Add Port 8443 to the url I.e. Ma
    Knowledge BaseAug 09, 2019
  7. How to Add Local User Accounts

    If you are not connected to LDAP or Active Directory and want to add a local user account for file shares follow these instructions Stepbystep guide Connect to the Brickstor via SSH or into the terminal directly useradd <username> To set the user’s password: passwd <username> To add permissions for this user for SMB, A
    Knowledge BaseAug 05, 2019
  8. How To Retreive the RMM IP

    the BIOS See this article: Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels
    Knowledge BaseNov 18, 2016
  9. How To Set the RMM IP from BrickStor OS CLI

    To configure the Remote Management (RMM) Port BrickStor OS from the command line without having to reboot. Stepbystep guide This will show the current IP ipmitool lan print 3 This will set the IP and netmask to ipmitool lan set 3 ipsrc static ; ipmitool lan set 3 ipaddr ; ipmitool lan
    Knowledge BaseOct 26, 2017
  10. How To send logs to syslog server

    BrickStor appliance is capable to send system events to centralized syslog server. In order to configure your appliance sending events to such remote syslog server follow the following steps Stepbystep guide Create configuration file for syslog server vi /etc/rsyslog.d/remote.conf Input the following data replacing IP
    Knowledge BaseOct 09, 2018