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You can connect to the remote management console by typing the IP address or name directly into a web browser.

Once the myRack Manager has connected once to the BrickStor it will cache the IP of the Remote Management Console so that if you are unable to connect to the BrickStor through the GUI you can launch the RMM console.

Connect to RMM

If you are unable to connect using this button and there is no IP address then this means the GUI doesn't have the information cached or the RMM was never configured.

If you do get an IP address but are unable to connect there is either a network connectivity issue or there may be no power to the BrickStor. (The BrickStor doesn't have to be powered on but it does need power to the power supply to power the RMM.)


If you are already Connected

If you are in the myRack manager and successfully connected you can launch it from within the GUI below the Hardware Section.

In the Details Pane


Once you log into the RMM using the credentials for the RMM (These are different than the OS credentials) you can remotely power on and off the system as well as remotely access the console.

To access the console click 'Remote Control' in the top navigation tab and then click 'Launch Console'.  Java is required.